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My Mom's Wheelchair Trip

It is our great pleasure to welcome K'Toei and mom.

K Toei's mom has been suffered with stroke and relied on wheelchair for several years. Her history as an active mother who loved to sing and travel inspires K'Toei to be a solo-daughter who drives her mom around all wheelchair accessible places. With her passion, she believes that it is such a strategy of healing.

K Toei shared with us that this is her first time to bring her mother to TOUCH and SIT on the beach after stroke. She prepared a transfer belt for lifting and asked for our staff to assist in making the dream comes true. With her plan, our resort has built a temporary green path from the resort building to the beach, just a fews step into the sea.

K Toei's mom loved with the sun and the sea and gave us a little 'mini-heart' with a big smile. And yet, our smile is a pleasure that inspires us to advance our services for all.


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